~~ Church Sub List of Los Angeles ~~

This was a list of singers available to substitute for staff section leaders at churches and synagogues for services and rehearsals, but I have discontinued it.

Since my list has been free to all, if there is a significant demand, I'll reinstate it. It will have to be started again from scratch, however, because the original database got lost in the server switching shuffle. "Significant demand" means that before the end of March, 2012, at least 10 people must contact me to be on the list, and there must be at least one from each of the four main vocal voice categories: SATB
I'll tally the progress here..... if any....

Meanwhile, there is an up-to-date resource for church subs maintained on Lauri's List. It's free to look for a sub job, but there's an annual subscription fee to list yourself for the work. If there are resources for sub jobs, please let me know, and I will reference them here as well.

Here's the detailed information from Lauri on Lauri's List: "If they want to hire a sub, they don't have to be paid members to view the Church and Temple Lists. They just need to register. If they want to be listed themselves, they'll need to apply and pay an annual fee -- it starts at $50/year - but I'd be happy to give them $15 off the first year if they join before the end of February 2012. (This is the biggest discount we ever offer.) Either way, send them this link, and tell them to say "Elin sent me" in the title, and if they're not already members, I'll set up their user IDs, send them details, and send them a coupon code for the special discount." Here's the link: Register

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